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WOOCS 2.1.7

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What is included:


UltraTEV Locator (1) TEV/Ultrasonic probe (1)
TEV/Magnetic probe (1)
Ultrasonic contact probe inc. 2m cable (1)
Flexible sensor (1)
Non-contact temperature probe (1)
RFCT inc. 2m cable (1)
Peltor headphones (1)
AC Reference source (1)
Battery charger (1)
Main unit carry case (1)
Accessories carry case (1)
2m Probe leads (2)



UltraTEV Locator™

The UltraTEV Locator™ takes the investigation of Partial Discharge (PD) activity to a new level of accuracy and sophistication, allowing you to avoid power outages and maintain asset health.

The UltraTEV Locator™ is the most powerful, versatile Partial Discharge (PD) investigation unit in the world. The device itself is portable and easy to use with minimal training required. It works with all existing substation assets, including cables and overhead equipment. Approximately 85% of all disruptive substation failures are PD related and could have been avoided through proper monitoring and pre-emptive action.


  • This device allows for more effective asset management; increasing reliability, efficiency and safety at lower costs
  • Ability to locate PD to within 10cm, this allows identification of faults before they fail
  • The device detects, measures and records PD activity for later analysis
  • Use results to prevent outages, target maintenance and install replacements assets


  • Dual probes allowing for time-of-flight PD location
  • Multi-sensor, multi-function: ultrasonic and TEV, plus temperature, pressure and humidity
  • Records the severity of PD for diagnostic analysis
  • Multi-mode touch screen for ease of use
  • Tough, weatherproof case with built-in 13hr battery
  • Works with cables and overhead assets




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