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“Let us control everything for you from a to z”

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“Let us control everything for you from a to z”


Station Automations Tanker truck Automations Terminal Automations Central Control and Logistics Software Market and Accounting Software
  • Pump automation
  • Tank automation
  • Customer Vehicle Identification System
  • Station market and Accounting software
  • DVR and Camera system
  • Tanker Delivery Integration
  • PDA and Web Reporting tools
  • Liquid fuel tanker truck automation
  • LPG tanker truck automation
  • Tanker track over  satellite
  • DVR Modules
  • Gate Control System
  • Weighbridge Integration Module
  • Filling Control Module for Platform
  • Tank Control Module
  • ERP, SAP and WEB integration module
  • Web tracking module for Warehouse
  • Logistics Management System
  • Engine control and Fire Extinguishing System
  • Skit Automation for Refinery and Maritime Lines
  • Station Tracking module
  • Tank tracking module and module for automatic entry of filling orders
  • Tanker truck control and Vehicle Tracking module
  • Central Management Module for Filling Station
  • Station Center Malfunction Control Module
  • Market Control module
  • Pre-accounting module
  • Loyalty ,Promotion Module
  • Web Reporting and PDA support module



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