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Full height turnstiles

Choosing what turnstile to obtain for the site with high security, pay attention to the full height designs. As the name suggests, these barrier devices are as high as an adult man – from 1.9 m. Such structures are the best option for installation at stadiums, financial facilities, warehouses, enterprises with increased level of secrecy, nuclear power plants, airports etc.

The full height turnstile ensures access of pedestrians one after another in the same way as the waist-high turnstiles. Its traffic flow capacity is rather high – 20 pers./min. It can be controlled manually or by control system.

The “TiSO PRODUCTION” company offers full height turnstiles in various configurations. The series of 6 modifications (CYCLONE, BICYCLONE, GlassGO, SESAME, SESAME BASIC, SESAME TWIN) will allow you to choose the best option based on your tasks and budget. All our turnstiles comply with Ukrainian and International quality standards.

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