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Speed gates

Recently, speed gates became rather demanded type of security gates. At TiSO we call these series as Freeway. The range includes Swining gates, Sliding gates, and Optical gates. Due to its trendy appearance and wide functional capability, Freeway turnstiles are suitable for large variety of sites, including offices, banks, administrative facilities etc..

Elegant design, stainless steel housing in combination with availability of glass, stone, and wood surfaces make these half h turnstiles very stylish. The turnstiles are equipped with optical sensors (also known as photocells) which allow to prevent unauthorized access as well as serve intensive authorized pedestrian access.

By default all security gates sett as “normally closed”. Other access control modes as “normally opened” or “free exit” are available. Get the solution for your project with excellent price/quality ratio of TiSO speedgates.

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