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Tripod turnstiles

The tripod turnstile is a space-saving, reliable and rather inexpensive device designed for access control. They have shown themselves to advantage at sites with high traffic flow due to high traffic flow capacity and modern appearance. Tripod turnstiles are mostly installed at the entrance of government facilities, offices, educational establishments and at access control points of industrial facilities. They are easily located in narrow passageways and arches due to small dimensions. It should be noted that similar designs like all other waist-high turnstiles are capable to bar the way only partially (they can be climbed over or jumped over) and for this reason they should be installed near a guard post.

Tripod turnstile can be controlled by access control system or manually. It consists of three metal rods located at the angle of 120 ° and rotates on inclined axis. In case of emergency it goes to “antipanic” mode providing free access in both directions in a matter of seconds.

There are 4 modifications of tripod turnstiles in our assortment: Centurion, Skull, Twix, Skiline. You can choose the turnstile completely complying with your requirements depending on your objectives.

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