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Rotor turnstiles

The waist-high rotor turnstile is the best solution for access control there where combination of high traffic flow capacity, complete barring of access area and modern appearance is required. These devices are well suitable for installation at access control points of office buildings, governmental and industrial facilities, stadiums, special institutions, sports and entertainment complexes and other locations with high security requirements.

The design of rotor turnstiles is a rotating vertical column with blades. Leaves can be made of solid glass or in the form of blades of stainless steel tubing. Comfortability of access is provided due to availability of built-in servo-actuator: bars are rotated smoothly and with little effort.
There are three modifications of rotor turnstile:
– Star-TS (with blades of stainless steel tubing);
– Star-GS (with glass leaves);
– Star-WS (with glass leaves and wooden elements).

You are welcome to obtain rotor turnstiles completed with card readers for access control systems, card reader rack, remote radio control and backup battery. See the contact details.

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